Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Group H: Marta T.

I decide to put a photo of the clock in “Piazza dei Signori” of Padua in order to show the horoscope represented on the palace. Can you see what sign is missing??? And what sign takes its place? I hope that the photo is clear...

I read my horoscope about every day, yes I’m a little bit superstitious and I give you this web site where you can calculate your ascendant.....
In this site you can calculate your personal psychological horoscope:

My favourite astrologer is Paolo Fox, you can get his predictions listening to programme “piazza grande” on Rai 2 at about 11:30 or you can hear his daily horoscope in this site:
Paolo Fox predicted a lot of love stories to a large number of my friends :-) ....... However, don’t take it seriously, it is funny to verify if what he says will be true or not.
Have fun!!!


giovisperotto said...

Hi Marta!
Do you believe when I say that I have never noticed in that clock there are the zodiac signs?
How do not understand that the Scorpio occupies the place of the Libra? It's obvious: we Scorpios are so strong that we need more room than the others!;)
I admits to be a little bit superstitous too. When I read the newspaper I always have a look at the horoscope and it's interesting at the end of the day seeing whether it hit it or not.
But as Paolo Fox always says we don't have to believe in everything, but only to verify it comes true or not.
Isn't it?

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Roby said...

Hi Marta!
How keen are you on astrology?!
About the clock of Piazza dei Signori someone made me notice that in the dial there something strage..: the Earth is at the center while the Sun and other objects go around it. It is a representation of the Universe according to the geocentric model...that is to say that the clock was built right some years ago!!!
Sometimes we are a little blind..we stroll about the streets, we frequent the same place for years but we do not pay enough attention to what are around us!!
With your photo we have learnt something new!!
I hope to see today afternoon!!