Monday, October 08, 2007

Group J: Alice

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Hello everybody!

The picture you see at the top of the page shows an Epiphone Sheraton II, a truly legendary guitar, not only because I have got one of the same colour, but also because its previously released model (Sheraton) was played by the great bluesman, John Lee Hooker, in the '60s.

I was looking for a picture which could figure the most interesting aspect of mine, and eventually (I came in fact quite quickly to a decision) I thought that nothing would be more fitting than a picture of my guitar to represent the great passion I have for music. I chose this photo of Sheraton II from many others I found in, because it pictures the guitar within its case and that suggested me the idea of an imaginary holder disclosing the alluring world of music which I inside of me... [Wow, I hope that the expression does not sound too fanciful... Sorry, I am a dreamer!!!]
Anyway, getting back to the real world, I am a musician, I love listening to music and collecting CDs and LPs. I have studied jazz singing and jazz guitar for years and I have played with several cover bands, performing live in pubs, restaurants and parties. Two years ago I performed the most memorable concert of my (short but intense) existence at Agriparty, (I'm sure that most of you know about this huge outdoor party that takes place every year in June at the Faculty of agricultural sciences in Legnaro), it was amazing, since I have never played in front of 5000 people before! I couldn't stop my hands from trembling before going on stage, but once we played the first song and I realized that those people were clapping us and enjoying our music, I felt the strongest thrill of my life passing through me!
Now, I am managing with my first solo album and once a week I rehearse rock, blues and jazz songs with a new band, which is called Porporina Sherry... yes, it is not pure chance; the name refers to Sheraton...

I suggest you 3 websites I visit at least once a day, of course they deal with music...

The first one is:

I often visit this page to find concerts of local bands from Veneto, or cool places to go on the weekends. You will find also a forum and a page where musicians put ads to to find a band and vice versa, or to sell instruments...

The second one is:

This is a universal community which you all will alreay know... I think it is an engaging 'place' to find friends but also to discover good music; You'll come across the pages of many underground bands, ready to spread their wings in the music industry, (they will be happy if you leave a comment on them) and those of all the most famous rockstars of the world... there are also those of the popstars', but please... we have enough of them on TV, rather than their pages, look for my own! I'm there too and don't forget to leave a comment after you've asked for friendship!

The third one is:

On this site you'll get news about concerts in Italy, you can read rockstar's biographies and you'll find some sneaky links to the pages of your favourite artists... Unluckily, you won't find my own biography or any concerts of my band... sigh! However, I hope it will happen soon!

That's all for now, I hope you'll enjoy the Show!
See you soon!



elisa rossi said...

Hi Alice! Your post is really interesting and you write very good English! However, reading your post I felt really incompetent: I don't know much about music and I am totally useless at music! For example I am very tone-deaf and when I sing near other people I feel embarrassed...but when I am alone I sing without problems because I love singig! Another thing that I cannot understand of music is when there is an out of tune note. For example when my friends say "one moment, I must tune my guitar" I don't understand what's wrong with its sounds!! I'm really a disaster! I think that if I would have followed a music course when I was a child, probably now I would be different! Obviously, one must be musically inclined but I think that one can also learn something and become more familiar with music. Do you agree? However, I admire people who have a musical ability and I congratulate you becase music surely take you a lot of time and it is probably difficult to conciliate university, music, family and all the other interests!

vale said...

Hey Alice!Nice and interesting picture..a really precious guitar!I used to play the guitar when I was younger..but I wasn't that good so I gave up!I think it's very difficult to be a good guitar player..and you are also a!I think you must be very brave and confident to play and sing in front of a crowd...I'm quite shy and would never be able to do it also because when singing in a pub or at a party you should entertain people and catch their attention..which sometimes is quite, well don,i'm looking forward to seeing u live!!

Fred said...

Hey! Two musicians in the same group!! Wow!! I love singing jazz and black music...and I can understand your feelings about singing in front of a crowded audience. Everytime I sing on a stage...big or small...I'm trembling! Last year, when I saw about 2500 people in front of me I wanted to run away...but once you start, everything becomes music and sometimes time flies too fast! I hope to know you better!
Bye, Fred