Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Group E: Camilla

This is Bora Bora, one of the most famous places in the world!

I've decided to post this photo because I really love travelling, and I'd really like to have the chance to go to French Polynesia one day, it is my dream!
It is such a dream to me, and I'm such interested in travelling that I've spent my whole summer working for a tour operator which is specialized in organizing travels to French Polynesia and Seychelles Islands!
That's why this photo represents something about me...I've spent the last 3 months in a place where everything was about Tahiti and her islands, and I also had the possibility to meet some people from Polynesia, who came to take a course in the office where I worked.

The websites I want to suggest you to have a look at are:


The first two websites are about travelling: the first one is a forum where I always go and get information for my travels, and I also give advices about the places I've already visited. That's fantastic because you can get information about every place in the world, but also about hotels, resorts, places to visit and whatever else!

The second one is the official Italian website dedicated to French Polynesia, and I often partecipate to the forum to share information! During my stage I've learned so much about Polynesia that I can give advices to those who are planning their travel!

And finally, the third link is to a website dedicated to those who love photography! I love taking photos, especially during my travels, so that I can learn a lot in websites like this, where you can post your photos and get comments about them!

That's all for the moment!



urbanimarty said...

Hi Camilla!
Welcome to the club of Travelling Lovers!!! Actually, I haven’t had many chances to travel all around the world, so far. As a matter of fact, as long as I am a student I haven’t so much money. Anyway, I really would like to visit many places, meet new people and enlarge my horizons.

I am pretty sure that some time your wish will come true and finally you will fly to Polynesia. I think you are very lucky to have such and opportunity; I mean during your job as a tour operator you certainly have acquired many competences regarding journeys and when you finally will arrive in Polynesia you will not be unprepared! =)

Sometimes it’s not so nice meeting people who have so much money and free time to spend abroad, in extra de luxe hotels and posh holiday resorts. I mean, I would be quite depressed spending my days at my desk. Anyway, we can keep on dreaming and organizing a beautiful journey somewhere. As I wrote in my presentation, my dream-place is Aberystwyth, a tiny but fabulous town on the Welsh coast. I definitely love Wales because of its savage and wild landscape. Have you ever been to Wales? It’s amazing!

I took many beautiful photos there. I think I will have a look at the site you suggested us.
I’m not so good at taking picture but I could improve!

See you!
Martina Urbani

elenavi said...

Hello Camilla,

I must say that reading your post makes me dream! Travelling all around the world is one of my passions and, above all, I love spending my holidays in a beautiful island going from cove to cove and having regenerative sunbaths! Moreover, in my future I hope to have a job that allows me to ‘explore’ every corner of the world!

Polynesia is literally a paradise and I suppose everyone would like to go there on holiday! But remember that these earthly paradises can turn into a hell if you are not well informed about their dangers…I cannot forget Enrica, a beautiful girl of 26 years old, who lived in my town and this summer lost her life while she was spending her honeymoon at the Seychelles. She was sunbathing in that crystalline sea when a huge freak wave suddenly arrived and Enrica was fatally sucked down by the undertow although she was a skilled swimmer…After this terrible event I found out that this occurs quite often in the Indian Ocean, but usually tourists ignore it… I think that one of a tour operator’s duties is to inform people not only about de luxe resorts, breathtaking beaches or adventurous trips but also about possible risks (infective diseases, tidal stream, typhoons, mosquito bites, etc.) that travellers might run in those heavenly places.

As I already told you last Wednesday and as you can read in my post I am a habitual visitor of ilgiramondo forum too and for two years I have been looking for information in this website before organizing my holidays…It is really a trustworthy resource because there you can get opinions by people who actually stayed in the place you would like to go, which is – in my view – a very good thing in order to avoid a stinging swindle!

See you on Monday!


veronica bozzato said...

Hi Camilla!
I enjoyed reading your post! I like travelling too, and I always try to put aside money in order to make exciting journeys. My dream had always been to visit Paris, and last spring I could realize it! It has been the most beautiful travel I did, probably because I desired it so much. I hope you could fulfil your dream and make a fantastic trip to French Polynesia and Seychelles Islands!
I think you had a great experience, when you worked for a tour operator specialized in organising travels to Polynesia; you had the possibility to work and, at the same time, to increase your knowledge about this place! Some years ago I worked in travel agency during summer and I could know something more about many holiday destinations.
Thanks for suggesting me the website http://www.fotocommunity.it/ dedicated to photography. I did not know it, but I think I will often visit it to satisfy my curiosity. I love taking pictures too, especially during my travels!

See you tomorrow!

Bye bye!


Silvia Lovato said...

Hi girls,

I love travelling, exploring and learning about different cultures, habits and beliefs.

However, first of all, I would like to visit completely Italy. Probably, we do not realize how lucky we are to live in Italy. You may find a wonderful sea in Sardinia and in the south of the italian peninsula, you may climb the Alps or visit Rome. And what about Venice? Each city, each town has its history, its traditions.

However, I think that the best way to learn a foreign language is to go abroad. Certainly, books, mouvies and lessons are very useful in order to improve your level and enlarge your vocabulary. However, to go abroad is a good way to assess your ability. Therefore, my dream is to find a stage abroad (in England, in Spain or in France). During this stage, I would be able not only to make a useful professional experience but also to travel in a different country.Can you help me?

Serena Santi said...

Dear Camilla,
we appreciate your post. Very nice photo! We read your post during the lab lesson and we make some observations about good blog posts. We have some suggestions concerning yours.

Here they are:

- try to avoid spelling mistakes like partecipate.
- be careful with prepositions; participate in and not participate to.
- Advice is uncountable so write it without s.
- You used travel as a noun but in English is more used like a verb. It’s better to use trip.
- Every place is not correct at all. Use any place.
- Pay attention to paragraphing. You used a semi colon and after it you described the first website but you started a new paragraph to describe the second one. We think it’s not correct.
- You can integrate the link into the text.

That's all for the moment.
Serena and Alessia