Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gruppo A: Nicola

Inside my head : )

I've chosen this pic because it shows the flow of thoughts I have in my head. It's rather entangled ain't it? In such a mess I (usually) manage to find my way. Besides, I like taking pics like the one I've put, it's like freezing "movement". Outwardly, I'm not that contorted, even though my rhetoric can be occasionally baffling. As far as the sites are concerned, I've chosen three that are really linked to my interests. The first one is about music, you can find lyrics, reviews and so on...Actually, one can also download mp3s and videos, but I don't know if it is totally ok, they shouldn't be copyrighted though, take a look!!! Then let me know, I couldn't figure it out. News...I can't take "Studio Aperto" always broadcasting gossip or silly features about either stray dogs or cats "in quest" of an owner. I love dogs and cats but I do love being correctly informed. So, from time to time, I visit the site of the BBC. Ok, the third... Cultural Topics: I volunteer, when I can, with an association involved in cultural activities, it's called "La Roggia”, I've just put the link to it...you might find something interesting...I think we are going to set an event about Chaplin...a series of three shows I think. He was quite an actor, wasn't he? ;-)Ok, that's it. See you in the near future!
May the force be with you! khhhhhh!

Bye for now!



Cultural topics


Davide said...

hi man.....i've just red your post....i agree with 'u... "studio aperto"..is a ridiculous programme....they love gossip....they talk about nothing....they talk for an hour about a deer who broke his leg....they talk about what vip does during his/her holiday and so on....unbelievable!!!!!..i think the links you posted are useful and interesting too....ill have a look....see u around.......may the force be with you

Anna B said...

Hi! I would like to add a news programme to our list! What you think about Fede's "Tg4"? In my opinion it has nothing to do with "Studio Aperto" regarding the quality of the news, but I really can't stand him... There are many people who can present news in more professional way as he does, so why is he always on our screens? I know that "He's the boss!", but I still don't think he should present everything... What do you think?

elisac said...

Hi Nicola! I perfectly agree with you about "Studio Aperto", I never watch it because I think that Emilio Fede is very far from being professional, BBC is obviously better. While reading your post I realized that your English vocabulary is really rich, you have done a good work! See you on Monday, bye bye Elisa

sara said...

Hi Niko! I totally agree with you! "Studio Aperto" cannot be considered a serious broadcast. How can news be reported in such a way?! They first talk about animals with broken legs, showgirs ect., and shortly after they speak about tragic facts! As if soubrettes' life was more important than other news! Unbelievable!!
See you soon! bye!

elena s said...

Hi Nicola,

we read you post and we think it is quite ok but there are some things we'd like to tell you to help you!
We noticed that your style is informal; in some points this choise doesn't match with grammar rules, e.g.:
-"In such a mess": Sarah told us it is wrong. It'd be better "what a mess,...";
-"can be occasionally": can occasionally be;
-"I think we are going to set an event about Chaplin...a series of three shows I think". In our opinion this sentence doesn't sound very English because of the final "I think". It seems to bo spoken English.
Sarah suggested us that it is a grammar rule to put a comma when you use question tags, don't you think? ;)
Moreover, be careful in using "besides" because it has a negative connotation and it means that you somehow put aside what you wrote before.
We think it is better to divide the topics of the post into paragraphs . It makes your writing clear and easy to be read.
When you link two completed sentences you should use a semicolon and not just a comma. e.g.: "I like taking pics like the one I've put; it's like freezing "movement"".
At the end you wrote "that's it"; maybe you wanted to say "that's all". We don't know if "that's it" is wrong but maybe the second espression is more used.
May the force be with you! khhhhhh!
..and also with us!

Bye for now,
Sara and Elenas

Niko said...

Hi! thank u for writing me and checking my post. I've found your comments very useful. I will take them into account next time!