Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Group A: elisac

Photo by alasam

This photo shows my favourite breed of dogs: Yorkshire Terrier. I’ve chosen this picture because the dog in the photo looks like my little ‘Willy’ (this is the name of my dog).
I love animals because I think that they enrich one’s life. In particular, Yorkshire Terriers are very clever, affectionate and lovable: if you have never had a dog belonging to this breed, it will be probably difficult to imagine what kind of things he is able to do.
As far as my experience is concerned, I can say that a dog can soften people’s characters and above all help to forget everyday problems. He is lively, playful and if you live alone, you can enjoy his company because he becomes a real member of your family.
This photo reminds me my home and all my affections which I miss because during the week I live in Padua.

The three websited that I often use are:

The first website is very useful because it helps me with my studies when I need to do some researches about something which I don't know or I don't understand properly. It can also be useful to search images of your interest.
The second one is part of my everyday life and its importance is extremely clear without any detailed explanations.
Finally, the third one is important for me because it is where I read daily news about the world and my city during the week when I don't have the possibility of watching TV.


Niko said...

Hi there! It's Nicola here. I've been through ur post. I found it nice, actually I don't know if I'm supposed to comment any posts of those in group A. Anyway, my sister's got a Maltese terrier, it's white and crazy. It's called Carlotta and she's like a third niece to me. I had a dog called whiskey, he was a mungrel...He was old...and absolutely out of his head, he was idlest dog in the world. You use some sites that I usaully visit too, well not the Gazzettino site actually...ok, See u!!!

Davide said...

hi's goin'?? David, group A....and..ive just red your post....well...i do love dogs're right when you write dogs enrich one's dog dog is the thing i missed the most when i was in london...i dog is Ares..(i know...his name comes from the greek god of war....but he's very...lovable..)a German shepherd...i'll show u a pic...well...see u around....cheers..

Elena B said...

Hi! One of my neighbours is an old man. Two years ago his wife died after a degenerative disease and he started suffering from depression. His sons lived far from his house and so he was alone in the house all day. One year later, I saw him strolling in the park near my house with a small dog. He told me that that dog was the greatest present he had received in his life and that the small animal had really changed his life... Sometimes, pets, and especially dogs, are a real life line for some people...

Anna B said...

Hi! Wow, it seems nice to have a dog! I've never had one, but I would like to! Is it difficult to look after it? You obviously have to feed it, wash it, bring it to the vet... I don't think I would be able to handle it! What about cats? Aren't they much more self-sufficient than dogs? I'm sorry if I'm asking silly questions, but the only animal I've ever had is Osvaldo, the turtle that lives in my flat in Padua!

sara said...

Hi! I love dogs too!! I have a Golden Retriever whose name's Pepe...It's an uncommon name, but it perfectly suits him! He his like me: lazy! And he loves cuddles! It could seems excessive, but I couldn't imagine my everyday life without him! So I understand you when you say that you miss your Willy...Bye!