Thursday, October 18, 2007

I’ve been searching on Technorati something interesting for two hours and finally I’ve found this two blogs:

· The first one is a blog designed for people, like me, who really love
travelling and have the need to share their experiences. If you have the same passion you should have a look at it, in order to plan your holiday or simply to spend your spare time at home waiting for your next experience far from home.
There’s no doubt that the blog is really well-organised, it provides basic information about geographical or political aspects of every continent and of every country as well. Moreover, there is a curious section which offers essential tips for “the Beginners Guide to Independent Travel”.
The travellers often decide to update their travel diary not only to give a summary of their holiday but above all to help travellers. So they give very useful advices and how to avoid unpleasant situations as well.

· The second blog I chose is about the Miniature
Pinscher. The blog was set up by a girl who idolize this nice dog breed and wanted to share her experiences with other pinscher lovers.
Even this blog is well-build and provides several useful and practical information like how to breed and feed our puppies, the history, a good training…well, in the end, the focus of this site is giving good advise not only for pinscher but all dog breeds.
I must confess the blog unfortunately lack of a photo about my smart PEPE, the best pinscher I’ve ever known… I think I’ll send her my suggestions on how to improve the site………….

I’ve noticed that a concise and effective language is used in the general sections. While the style of the blog sections tends to be colloquial and sometimes informal. Actually, an effective blog should based on friendliness, equality or a feeling of closeness and solidarity.
There are a massive use of slang, which helps to make blog vivid, colourful and interesting.


Valeria said...

Hi Ely!!
I visited both the blogs you suggested. I found the Dog Blog interesting for those who love dogs, the author gives useful advices to have a healthy and well trained dog. Even if the peculiar topic of this blog are Pinschers, is nice that she put advices for different breeds. I fact, every breed has its own peculiarity and dogs have different characteristics. I have a Newfoundland, Freddy, who is now 12 years old… He also has a lot of ailments, due to the old age and to his weight, however he is still a god watch dog- he always barks when he sees something strange-. What about your Pepe? You often talk about him and I know that he is your “love”, but I have never seen him. Maybe you can put a photo in your blog!
As regards the Travelblog, is really beautiful! The thing I liked most is that it is not written by only one person but everyone can make post about their travels and to write something about it. I think it is useful because in this way there is the possibility to see more things than looking to a blog written by a single person. Also the photos are beautiful and the posts give a lot of information on the places visited. I liked it very much because it gave me the opportunity to see- even if virtually- different places and read how people organized their travel, which difficulties they found etc. I like travel and when I can’t do it personally, I like to watch to programmes like “Alle falde del Kilimangiaro”. I found it well constructed and, apart from travellers’videos, I like the fact that they often invite traditional groups from different regions of the world to interpret some dances. Have you ever seen it?

elenacarlet said...

Hi Elisa!!
I had a look to your blogs and I focused on the Travel blog reading some observations and facts on Chile.Now you could wonder: "Why did you focus on Chile???" Well, I love Chile very much because I went there for a intercultural exchange six years ago, when I was attending the High School.To be sincere, reading this blog I discovered something new; for example I didn't know that in Chile towns have signs on every street corner showing tsunami evacuation routes....maybe because when I went there Tsunami had not happened yet.. I didn't know even that Chileans are obsessed with receipts and that the whole country is also hot dog crazy!!I had never ate hot dogs when I went there...Whatever the truth, I can confirm that Valle Nevado is a beautiful ski resort on the outskirts of Santiago!!I went there skiing for one day; the landscape was wonderful and completely new for me, who I had always been skiing in the Alps..
One more thing...I don't agree with the fact that Santiago is a clean city! I'm still convinced that this city is the dirtiest city I've ever seen!!
I really enjoyed watching the other blog about miniature Pinscher pictures and I have finally understood what kind of dog you have! You always speak about "Pepe" but I didn't know what it looked I can tell you that I love Pinscher and I think they are very friendly and funny!I hope you'll bring Pepe at University one day!!:)

Elisa said...

Hi Vale,

I know the “alle falde del Kilimangiaro” programme, I’m not very fond of TV but sometimes I watch at it, I find it very creative and interesting.

what I could tell you about my pinscher.. he is only 2 years old, and we have a great relationship, I’m as thick as thieves with him.. he’s used sleeping near my bed, in a comfortable bed with a colourful blanket. When I don’t sleep at home, he can wake up all the family howling in the middle of night…unbelievable.. Pepe don’t like being on watch and sometimes I’ve the impression he is a frightened puppy..he is generally good with unknown people but the postman is definitely the bitterest of enemy.
Pepe is Pepe, he is extremely sweet, he often jump up wherever I’m and force his head on my cheek or scratch my hand with his paw, it’s his way of telling me he needs cuddle. In the end, thank you for your advice, I’ll post some pictures about Pepe in my blog..

Valeria said...

Hi Ely!
Pepe should be really a fantastic pet! I think that the relation between a master and his/her dog is always strong and at the end, pets are part of the family! Certainly, dogs or cats can give much satisfaction because they are more lively and active and they can interact more effective with his/her owner, but I can tell you that, apart from Freddy, I have also a water turtle and two gold fishes and I am really fond of them.
As Ele said, I hope that you let us know Pepe one day… Even if I remember that he doesn’t like going by car!

Cristina said...

Hi Elisa!
Your first blog, Travelbog, is very interesting!All blogs on travel are interesting!I really had fun reading about Jane Kennedy experience in Colombia! I have some friends living there and so everytime I see something about this country I have to read it!!There are a lot of evocative pics about the forest, nice flowers, pineapples bushes and waterfalls; it is a very exotic landscape!
Your second blog is about dogs and I love dogs! But I have to confess that I don't like this blog very much, first of all because there are no pics, and that's a pitty, and secondly beacuse there are many ridiculos things. Let me explain it better: halloween costumes for dogs?!Pet fashion goods!?Dog clothes?!Dog beds!?Toys!? What is it!? I mean, dogs are animals!!! I think that somethimes people are ridiculous!

monica said...

Hi Elisa,
I enjoyed visiting the blog about travelling. As travelling is one of my first passion I also suggested you a blog about this topic. I was curious about the impressions travellers had of my native country so I read a post pubblished by some guys who stayed for a period of time in Rovinj. Blogs like this are really nice because you may discover positive and negative sides of your country which you, being a native of this country, can't even imagine.
After visiting many blogs about travelling I realized that it is really funny to put your photos and your impression about your journey. Perhaps, I might follow the same steps...What do you think about it?
Bye bye