Monday, October 08, 2007

Group G: Lisa Belluco

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Hi! This is a picture of a cappuccino... one of the most delightful italian invention... Can you think of your life without a hot and creamy cappuccino in the morning? I can't, really! So this is me: a complitely cappuccino addicted. I found out that cappuccino is one of the most popular italian titbit, just after pasta and pizza.
This is the first thing that came into my head yesterday when I started writing into this blog. But if you want to know something more about me, please look at the following web sites:
I really love going to the cinema.
I think that this site is great if you want to improve your English, my favourite sections are "words in the news" and "talk about English webcast".
This site is my the first site I read when I start the browser. You can read the same article from different point of you. You can't get it from a single newspaper.

That's all for now. I hope you'll write me soon


Eleonora said...

Hi Lisa!
I have just read your nice post on the blog, and the thing I like the most is of course the picture :-) I completely agree with you when you say that a hot cappuccino is the best way to wake up in the morning…God knows how much I missed it when I was in Germany!! I really think that cappuccino is one of the things we Italians should be most proud of and foreign people love it as well (when I was abroad I saw people drinking it even while they were eating pizza!!!).
Let’s say something about the links you put in your message now…I know all the three websites although they are not the same as those I chose for my post.
As regards the first one, movies are one of my great passions, too, so I also visit this page regularly to watch the trailers and to check the timetables. I find it very clear and full of useful information.
We also have something in common about your third website, since it is the first one which appears on my browser as well; I agree with you when you say it is much better to read the news from different points of view rather than from a single newspaper. What is more, I think that “Google” is a very good site, that is why it was my first choice when I decided what links I should put in my introduction message.
On the contrary, your second link was a kind of surprise for me, because sometimes I read the news on the BBC website but I have never ended up in this fantastic page! I took a look around and I saw there are games, puzzles and many other things you can do to improve your English; thanks for having shown us this possibility, I am sure I will take advantage of it.


elena s said...
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elena s said...

Hi Lisa! How are you?
Well... I dare to say that the photo you posted is more than fine. The creamy decoration on the surface of the capuuccino seems to be a work of art! I like it! Unfortunately I don't drink coffe, (exept for barley coffe), but I can immagine the pleasure of drinking a warm creamy cappuccino, at any time, and not only in the morning...mmmhhh...

Let's talk about the sites you chose; mymovies is an exellent site. Complete and well organized it gives you the information you are looking for in a simple and short way. I agree with you when u write that the bbc site is useful to learn English language. It is also useful to connect our way of thinking as Italian mother tonge with British culture and society. I think that learning the grammar features of a language is as important as understanding the culture and the social behaviours of its speakers. Everywhere people form their conceptions of the world through language and as languages are different one from the other, the correspondent constructions of reality differ depending on the speakers. That's why I believe one has to learn the way of thinking of speakers of other languages. Sorry for these complicated sentence, I hope you understand what I mean. It was my opinion :)
However BBC site is useful and helps you learning a lot. What I like most is the quizzes section and the possibility to listen to many audio sections to improve the pronunciation.
Google is good even in the news service! What I like in the site is the division of the articles depending on the topic so one can go to the interested section without waste of time!

Have a nice Saturday night,



alessia f. said...

Dear Lisa,
What a wonderful picture you chose! I definitely agree with you when you say that cappuccino is one of the best things Italians do. As I usually say…Italians do it better! This image also remind me that I probably have a sort of addiction: I don’t think there’s anything better than a hot cup of strong coffee (or cappuccino!) before starting a new day! Tell me, have you ever been to Caffè Pedrocchi here in Padua? Obviously, a cup of coffee is so much expensive there but believe me……it’s worth it! Reading your post I realized that we have a lot of things in common: among the Web sites you suggested I’ve particularly appreciated the first one because, as you can see from my message, you share with me the passion for cinema. If you have time write me and tell me which is your favorite movie. In my opinion 'The Gladiator'is absolutely the best one: a mixture of history, passion and stirring soundtrack!
See you today during the lesson hour,

Selena said...

Hi Lisa!

If I have to answer your question I'll tell you I can’t absolutely think of my life without a hot cappuccino in the morning! I agree with you when you say cappuccino is one of the most beautiful thing we Italian invented. Actually, I drink every morning at home milk and coffee without that delicious creme that a real cappuccino has, but every time I have breakfast in a coffee bar I love drinking cappuccino with a croissant.
During the first months of my Erasmus stay in Germany I was not used to drink powdered coffee. I missed Italian coffee so much that when I came back home at Christmas I immediately bought a little mocha and I brought it with me to Germany. I can say I’m a coffee addicted! During my free time in Germany I used to go with my friends to a Lavazza bar situated in the centre of Mainz. I was proud of our products and every time I felt as if I was at home.
A hot coffee with milk in the morning has incredible effects on your mood. It makes you feel good and gives you an immense charge of enthusiasm to begin a new day!
As regards the websites I must admit I’m not familiar with any of them.
I don’t often go to the cinema because I don’t like hearing people’s comments during the film and I think cinema has become very expensive. Anyway if there’s a new film which I really interested in I immediately book the seats on line.
I’ve known that on the BBC website there is a page for foreign people learning English but I’ve never used it because until a month ago Internet was really slow in my computer and I wasted really too much time downloading images and videos. I’ll take advantage of it because I think it is very useful to practice and improve the language. Due to the same problem I’ve seldom read the news on the BBC website but I sometimes listen to the BBC news on television. On Google I’ve never read the news because I’ve always used it as a research engine. I’ll try to follow your advise because you’re right when you say we should read the same news in different articles to get a clear view of the facts as each newspaper has a different political orientation.

See you on Wednesday!

ElisaS. said...

Hi Lisa,
i definetly agree with you!
I am also coffee/cappuccino addicted and of course when i wake up in the morning a hot cup of milk coffee is the first things that comes into my mind! Only after that my brain beginns to work :) So maybe you do agree with me when i say that is very unpleasant to know that you can't have it, i mean when you are abroad....
See you maybe next time for a cappuccino