Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I chose a picture showing a fruit salad to introduce myself because first of all I’m very fond of fruit and wholesome food in general. I tend to do everything in my power to follow salubrious living conditions…for example I enjoy practising oriental arts and I prefer resorting to herbs or natural treatment in order to feel good.
I think that my personality is a great mixture of features and for this reason I wanted to compare myself to a fruit salad..I could say that I’m a living and sunny person, I’m always looking at the bright side..

finally, I put this hyperlink because I consider them very useful in my every day life, the first one always manage to satisfy my curiosity, there’s no necessity of explanation for the second one, the third one is helpful to fly and to find cheap flight above all if I want to avoid the agencies and in the end, the last one is really basic for me because I love spending my spare time singing and in this well-build website I can find any lyrics I need.
well, i think that's all for the moment


Valeria said...

Hi Elisa!
I don’t know what’s the problem but I can not visualize your photograph… Sorry! However, like you, I also like fruit and vegetables in general: when I eat I usually have two or three portions of them! I think that eating wealthy food and using natural herbs is an easy way to feel well and not to get fat!! 

monica said...

Hi Elisa, unfortunately I can't see the photo you posted. Never mind, I can imagine you in front of this colourful glass of fruit salad. I like fruits very much, especially summer fruits like cherries, apricots and watermelon. In the hot summer days I often prefer to eat a plate of fruit salad than a pasta one.
Thanks for the site about lyrics. I was surfing on the net to find a good one so I think yours might help me a lot. Me too enjoy singing when I'm alone at home but many times I visit this kind of sites just to satisfy my curiosity about the words of a song.
Bye bye