Monday, April 07, 2008

No class today

Dear all,

I've been immobilized by a bad back since Saturday. I've been hoping it would go away on its own but it hasn't. I was going to come to class today anyway, but the doctor just called and said he could see me now. I'm in extreme pain so I need to go and see if he can give me something to help out.

For the Padova-Poznan people, you've got two more days to keep on fixing up the elections page ;-)

For those of you who are going to Skype tomorrow and Wednesday, please go to the wiki page your peers have created on the elections and take a look at the platforms of the candidates in the States. Think about which issues you would like to know more about and post 2-3 questions to the Padova-Dickinson wiki page. This week I will ask you to write your answers to the questions on the page as well.

I do apologize for such late notice - it's not my style - but hopefully the doctor will give me something to help with the pain.

Hope to see you all tomorrow or Wednesday.


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Martina said...

Hi, Sarah!
How are you? I hope you recovered! I'm sorry but tomorrow I'm not going to do our Skype Exchange. I'm preparing a presentation in power point for my Spanish course and I have to discuss it on thusday!:-(
See you on Monday!

N.B. I'll write about the topic of my final paper as soon as possible!