Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Padova-Dickinson: Task 5

Purpose: The aim of this week’s task is to do reflective blogging.


1 – Based on your Skype exchange, write a reflective blogging post. If you didn’t Skype, take a look at the forums and make observations about the discussions there.

2 – Next week we will start thinking about your final projects that will focus on a cultural topic of your choice. Start thinking about what aspect of the two cultures (Italy-USA) you would like to explore further and write about this in your blog as well, justifying your choice.

Deadline: Monday, April 7, 2008


Martina said...

Hi, Sarah!
This week we're supposed to think about our final presentation. I have a question. Which kind of cultural topic are we supposed to think about? I'm not sure I've understood the task... :-(

Thanks a lot!

Lamericaana said...

Sorry if it wasn't clear. What I mean is you will have to compare something like the educational system in the two countries, immigration, elections, eating habits, etc., anything that relates to the two cultures and would interest you for a comparison.
Hope that helps. If it doesn't let me know and I'll try to be clearer ;-)


Martina said...

Thank you, Sarah! Now I've undestood! I'll start thinking about that.

Have a nice sunday!
Martina :-)

alessia f. said...
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alessia f. said...

Dear Sarah,
I'm writing you because tomorrow I think I won't be there since
the computer science course starts: I need to attend the first lesson because there will probably be a sort of presentation! As I wrote on my post, I think that my final paper will deal with euthanasia: I’d really like to understand how it’s considered by the Americans and to see all the differences between the Italian and the American healthcare system concerning this specific field. What do think about this subject? Do you think it’s something too much complicated?
Sarah,I have a little doubt: are we supposed to update our bookmarks using even during this semester?
thanks, see you on Tuesday for the exchange!
alessia ferrara