Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Padova-Poznan: Task 5

Purpose: To get the wiki ready to go by Monday.


1 – Introduction: One person starts writing the other introduction (even with just one sentence) and the rest of you continue it and edit it to make it a concise, informative text to let readers know what they can find in the page.

2 – TOC: One person starts creating (or creates) the table of contents and the others edit it.The TOC and Introduction go hand in hand, i.e. there should be absolute parallelism between the two. Keep in mind that the TOC should represent a logical order of ideas in the page.

3 – References: Clean up the references in your page. This means ANYTHING you paraphrased or quoted (using “…”) should be followed by parentheses in which you put the (author/title of webpage, date). Then at the bottom of the page, in the References section, you will put the full citation with url and all. You are welcome to make the reference in the text a link to the site as well.

4 – Contents: Make sure that the contents in your part are clear, concise, parallel, objective, etc.

All of this should be done individually. Don’t worry about changing what others have done: it’s a wiki so if they don’t like it, they can change it back OR you can discuss it through the comments function (which you should check regularly).

I would like a beautiful wiki page by Monday ;-) when your peers from the other group will give you feedback.

Deadline: Monday, April 7, 2008

N.B. If you want to Skype next week with an American peer, send a message to this post letting me know so that we can be better organized for next Wednesday. I'd say 7-9 stuents can.


chiara said...

Hi Sarah! I'm sorry, but I can not do my task by Monday because I'm working at Vinitaly from tomorrow till Monday and I'm standing by a friend. Anyway, I'll talk to my friends and try to help them:-)Chiara..

Elena B said...

Hi Sarah!
I'd like to do Skype next Wednesday, if it is possible...
See you next week!

elisac said...

Hi Sarah,
I would like to do Skype on Wednesday. Hope it will be possible.
See you next week.
Elisa Caramori

Silvia Nicolini said...

Hi Sarah, I'd like to Skype next Wednesday if there's the possibility.
see you on Monday!

sara said...

Hi Sarah, I'd like to Skipe next week, if it's possible.
Thank you!

sara said...

sorry! I wrote Skipe instead of Skype! ;-)

Camilla said...

Hi Sarah!
I've been working on the wiki for the last hour, didn't save because obviously it took me more than 5 minutes and someone else got my key!
I changed the layout (font, colour and other things), and added the table of contents, but there's nothing left of all the work I did!
I don't know why...
...and, moreover, it was quite impossible to have a coherent layout, because what you see while editing is then different when you save it...can you please help me understand where is the problem!?!?!
Last but not least...I'm not able to understand properly how the table of contents work...

Hope I'll have time to do all the work I've just done again...I'm really sorry it is not there anymore!


Letizia said...

Hi Sarah,
I'd like to do Skype on Wednesday if it's possible!
See you tommorow!

Lisa Belluco said...

Hi Sarah, I really enjoyed doing the Skype exchange last week. If it's possible, I'd like to do it again next Wednesday!
see you tomorrow

veronica bozzato said...

Hi Sarah,
I'd like to do Skype on Wednesday if it's possible!
See you

Lamericaana said...

@Camilla - As I explained to two 'frustrated' students last week, using a wiki is not always easy. The wiki we're using is not the best, but it's free and I don't have to depend on any technician for it to work. This means, however, that it does not always work perfectly and this can be frustrating. Two things though. Making a TOC and using the history to 'revert' to an old version are two things I need to do together with you all in class where I have a projector where you can see what I'm doing. I'll make sure we do that today. Anyway, I think the page is looking nice :-)

@Skypers - If you're going to Skype (I've added you to the table on the Padova-Dickinson page), you need to add your Skypename to the the Padova-Dickinson wiki page. Please do this asap.